Use our Cooling Capabilities Chart on Heat Exchangers to find your way to an exchanger maker that can help you solve your process challenges.

A bin holds formed copper tubes, ready to be used in cooling coils.
Photo courtesy of Super Radiator Coils, Chaska, Minn.

Finding just the right heat exchanger for your specific process cooling application sometimes can be an intimidating task. Process Cooling is here to help.

In print, the Cooling Capabilities on Heat Exchangers offers a side-by-side comparison of heat exchanger manufacturers to help you narrow your choices.

Online, you can do much the same -- use the link at the bottom of the page to get started!Select a single crterion from the headings online to find all of the companies that satify it. Or, to find suppliers that match multiple specifications, expand the main section headings using the arrows in the online Cooling Capabilities. Then, hold the Ctrl button and click each Specification to include your selected headings. You can expand multiple main sections to select across all categories. You can cross-check multiple categories to find suppliers that can satisfy all of your criteria!

Hyperlinks are provided to some manufacturers’ web sites, and complete contact information can viewed at any time online.