Held via the web on December 6-10, a workshop from the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium, Madison, Wis., focuses on engineered safety relief systems for industrial refrigeration systems. According to the event course organizers, end-users, equipment manufacturers, design engineers and contractors will learn about principles and practices of engineering safety relief systems. Course topics include:
  • Codes and standards related to safety relief systems.
  • Key aspects of engineering code-compliant relief systems.
  • Capacity determination for nonstandard equipment like heat exchangers.
  • Methods for proper sizing of relief vent piping, including headered vent systems.
The five-day course will be held from 8 to 10 a.m. CST each day. The deadline for enrollment is Thursday, December 2.

In addition to the course, the IRC has developed a web-based safety relief systems analysis tool. Access to the tool is provided at no charge to those completing the course. The tool can be used to analyze, engineer and document safety relief systems for industrial refrigeration applications. Features include:
  • A graphical user interface to configure the relief system to be analyzed.
  • The ability to handle headered systems and multiple relief scenarios.
  • An algorithm that can solve compressible flow equations.
  • A relief valve selection wizard.
  • Equivalent lengths for elbows and fittings are included.
  • Detailed compliance checks for each system component.
  • One-click reports for easy printing.
To enroll in the course, prospective attendees can visit the IRC’s website.