The food chain industry is a proving ground of sorts in the quest to create cleaner equipment that is kind to the environment. Luvata, headquartered in Espoo, Finland, has supplied commercial refrigeration equipment for a pilot supermarket in Italy dedicated to energy and waste-heat reduction.

Working with Luvata, the store, FriulFrigo, set up low-energy consumption display cases, compressors equipped with an inverter, and electronic expansion valves. The store recovers heat generated from the equipment and uses it to warm water.

Luvata provided ECT cubic evaporators, EDF dual-discharge evaporators and KCE condensers. Every single cold room, including low temperature rooms and those dedicated to preserving fresh food such fish, fruits and vegetables, has been fitted with electronic commutation fan-motor evaporators, which guarantee 25 to 80 percent energy savings because indirect heat emission into the rooms is so minimal.
v One KCE unit has an ultra-slow fan motor with optimized blades in a 12-pole rotation mode and inverter control to achieve class A energy efficiency with a low-sound emission level of 33dB (A) at 10 m.

“I can personally attest that the KCE’s new structure is excellent, as it gives good sturdiness to the product," says Rosano Scaini, FriulFrigo’s owner. "Being an experimental project, we will continue to monitor the performance of the stores, to confirm their similar results in more extreme conditions.”

Luvata’s products operate with natural refrigerants, featuring heat exchanger geometry designs that require low refrigerant loads and coolers that have high efficiency rates.