American Cooling Tower Inc., Westminster, California, is pleased to announce that their ACF series counter flow induced draft cooling tower line was granted CTI 201 certification by the Cooling Technology Institute.

The ACF series product line includes 65 models with a capacity range of 97 to 1,043 nominal tons. While the certification only includes single cell models at this time, American Cooling Tower does offer multiple cell configurations with a thermal performance guarantee and plans to expand their certification to include these additional models in 2011.

With the ACF series line, customers can look forward to a wide range of options and materials of construction to suit many project requirements. As a growing US manufacturer of cooling tower products and equipment, American Cooling Tower looks forward to expanding their ACF product line across the country and working with engineering firms to make available additional options for their equipment selection process.

American Cooling Tower Inc. has been specializing in cooling tower designs, retrofits, repairs, and temporary cooling tower systems for more than 25 years. They work with engineers, contractors, and customers and cover all industries where cooling towers are utilized. American Cooling Tower Inc. corporate offices are located in Westminster, California with additional locations in Northern California, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, and North Carolina.

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