Forsta Low Pressure Series automatic industrial water filters utilize an electric motor to assist cleaning during the backwash cycle.

Low Pressure models make self-cleaning filtration possible at lower pressures. They are necessary where the minimum 35 psi system pressure is not available for the standard models. Motor Run low pressure filters operate at system pressures as low as 15 psi and handle up to 20,000 gpm in a single filter.

With a wide range of installation configuration Forsta self cleaning water filters can be mounted in any position for easy installation. Utilizing Green-Clean technology Low Pressure Series filters do not interrupt the main flow during the backwash cycle and use as little as one percent of the inlet water per backwash.

Forsta low pressure water filters are equipped with screens ranging from 20 -4000 micron, providing comprehensive solutions for a broad range of industrial and municipal applications.

Typical applications include filtration for cooling water, waste water, drinking water, sea water, and much more.