The public review period for a proposed new standard, Definitions and Terminology Used in IIAR Standards, ends September 6. Those interested in providing feedback and comment on the proposed new standard, which is intended to establish the definitions and terminology used in IIAR standards, have until that date to visit the association’s website, where they can go to the standards review web page to download a copy of the public review announcement, the draft standard, a survey form and an online comment form. The web page also includes instructions on how submit comments via regular mail or fax.

The organization intends to issue IIAR 1-2010 as a companion to all ANSI/IIAR standards. As the various standards are published or revised, IIAR 1 will be continuously updated.

IIAR will use the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) “Canvass Procedure” to develop evidence of consensus among affected parties. In addition to comments, participation in a volunteer consensus body for the proposed standard is requested. This group will be voting on approval of the proposed standard in the coming months.