Sometimes, I’m a little slow to catch up with technological advancements. Unfortunately, unlike lots of other people, I’m not intuitive when it comes to figuring out technology, which means I tend to postpone jumping in when it’s new. Therefore, I arrived a little late to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I had to work my way toward it.

However, once I got there, I started having fun watching the number ofProcess Cooling’sfollowers grow. On Twitter alone,Process Cooling has more than 500 followers reading Editor Linda Becker’s regular tweets. (Sign up for them at

On Facebook, I’ve been friending people and they have friended me. (Visit visit www.process-cooling/fbfan for a shortcut to the magazine’s fan page, and you can find a link to my page on Facebook too.) I’ve made lots of progress on LinkedIn also, with business-related contacts being added regularly.

What about you -Process Cooling’s readers? Do you actively use social media for work-related connections? Do you sign up for tweets from organizations, suppliers, publications and such?

If you use social media for business purposes, what interests you? Who or what do you follow? How does it help you?

I also wonder if you think social media is just a fad. Or if you think it will be around long enough for you to rely on it for information and connectivity to people, companies, events and things that affect you and your job.

Social media certainly hasn’t been static. It’s been evolving constantly, but will it survive if it doesn’t come up with a money-making model soon?

That’s a lot of questions, I know, but I wouldn’t doubt that these same questions have crossed your mind, and you likely have talked about them with your colleagues.

We’re interested in your thoughts about social media and its usefulness to you in the workplace. What does it mean to you? How do you use it?

Please send me an email and share your thoughts. You might find your opinion right here in this space in an upcoming column.