For 60 years, the Cooling Technology Institute, headquartered in Houston, has worked at adhering to its mission to “advocate and promote the use of environmentally responsible evaporative heat transfer systems for the benefit of the public by encouraging education, research, standards development and verification, government relations and technical-information exchange.”

The group has established acceptable minimum quality levels and performance of evaporative heat transfer systems and their components by establishing standard specifications, guidelines and certification programs. CTI’s Standard 201 gives cooling tower end-users comfort. When buying capital equipment, the outlay is big and the anxiety level often high - will the tower perform as expected?
CTI addresses that worry with Standard 201, whose opening paragraph states that it:

“…sets forth a program whereby the Cooling Technology Institute will certify that all models of a line of water cooling towers offered for sale by a specific Manufacturer will perform thermally in accordance with the Manufacturer's published ratings…”

For end-users who rest easier when there’s an independent third-party evaluation, CTI certification is an additional tool in the buying process. To find out the details of what Standard 201 covers, go to and click on “Certification Information” in the left-hand column.

CTI offers its independent testing services for both thermal performance and drift performance. They are administered through the CTI Multi-Agency Tower Performance Test Program, which compares a specific tower installation’s actual operating performance to its design performance. Because the multi-agency program is installation-specific, it differs from CTI’s Cooling Technology Certification Program that certifies all models of a specific manufacturer's line of cooling towers perform in accordance with their published thermal ratings.

You can find a list of all CTI-licensed testing agencies on CTI’s website.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher,