An interactive program designed to help attendees to the largest HVACR expo and conference maximize their time on and off the show floor is offered on the AHR Expo website at

Called “Virtual Show,” the online program allows show visitors to:
  • Search for specific products, product categories and/or exhibitors they wish to see.
  • Virtually “walk” the exhibit halls and scroll over a booth to get more information.
  • Automatically request meetings with the companies they are interested in seeing.
  • Plan events and meetings and automatically update them in Outlook Calendar.
  • Automatically add booths to a planner based on preselected criteria.
  • Map the best course through the exhibit halls based on products/criteria selected.
Exhibitors also can use the online to request meetings with attendees, plan their schedules, and search other exhibitors they wish to visit.

“With nearly 1,900 exhibitors, more than 100 educational sessions, and special events taking place at AHR Expo, we believe 'Virtual Show' will be valuable in helping both attendees and exhibitors plan their time more efficiently,” says Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Co., Westport, Conn., which produces and manages the the show.

Attendees can find the tool by going to the “Visitors” tab at the top of the AHR Expo website and scrolling down to the “Virtual Show.” Exhibitors can find it by going to the “Exhibitors” tab at the top of the page, scrolling down and clicking on “Floor Plan” and then clicking on the “Interactive Floor Plan.”

The 2011 AHR Expo will take place January 31-February 2 at the convention center in Las Vegas.