Solving common cooling tower water problems is the focus of a no-cost webinar, or online seminar, scheduled for April 13.

Presented by water expert Paul Puckorius, principal at Puckorius and Associates Inc., an independent water consulting firm, the one-hour presentation will give attendees the benefit of more than 50 years of water treatment experience. Puckorius will offer advice on tackling and solving an array of real-life tower-water problems, and attendees can ask their own questions as well. The session will cover:
  • Correcting water chemistry to protect old and new galvanized steel towers - mechanically or chemically.
  • Handling high dust and corrosion with filtration, with a look at both heavy and light particulates.
  • Using recycled water.
  • Solving microbiological corrosion with improved biocides and monitoring.
  • Using new solid-based products to eliminate handling, shipping and storage of liquid treatments.
  • Saving chemicals and protecting equipment with coatings and sacrificial anodes in water boxes and tube sheets.
  • Cleaning up and preventing film-fill fouling.
  • Monitoring and automation of water quality for protecting equipment and reducing manpower.
  • Controlling deposits with inhibitors that eliminate acid.
  • Conserving water with new deposit and corrosion inhibitors.
Cooling tower operators pay careful attention to their system's water because water quality problems negatively impact their process, product and bottom line. Tune in at 2 p.m. ET on April 13 to join Paul and learn how to do it better. Register at