Modern temperature control system offer features that can provide the level of control you need in your process. They include:
  • Combination heating/chilling system all in one package.
  • Water temperature control system combined with a chiller, integrates the benefits and features of both products into one compact, self-supporting unit.
  • Available in 2 to 40 ton chilling capacities.
  • Heating capacities up to 96 kW.
  • Pumping capacities up to 120 gal/min.
  • Noncorrosive construction.
  • UL labeled electrical subpanels.
  • Meets NFPA 79 electrical safety standards.
  • Temperature range from 5 to 600°F (-15 to 315°C).
Temperature control systems and chillers are well suited for applications that have processes requiring both heating and chilling; multi-zone control or a variety of required temperatures; applications where water supplies are not accessible; and laboratories and pilot plants.