For one California-based candy manufacturer, humidity control is crucial to efficient candy manufacturing. Previously, the company was experiencing sticking during the production of its chocolate walnuts product due to high humidity levels in the plant and the process.

After careful analysis, sales engineers from Munters DH Division, a manufacturer of energy-efficient dehumidification systems, recommended the installation of two HCD 2250 desiccant dehumidifier units along with two 12,000 cfm air-handling units to provide moisture control to facilitate quicker hardening of the chocolate coating. Now, when the copper drums rotate raw walnuts and are sprayed with liquid chocolate, dry cool air is introduced through flexible hosing to quickly set and dry the product, alleviating issues. The room set point is 13 grains (50°F and 25 percent relative humidity).

Since the company installed the desiccant dehumidification equipment, they have experienced increased production and higher profits.