Refrigeration products have wide range of applications. Two case studies - at a food storage warehouse and at a generator turbine at a saw mill - demonstrate the range of capabilities. In both applications, Baltimore Aircoil’s CXV condensers addressed process concerns effectively.

The first installation is in a food storage warehouse to prolong the shelf life of processed food, while the second is in a saw mill to increase the efficiency of a generator turbine.

The chief engineer for the warehouse wanted a reliable product with minimal cost. He chose the CXV condenser because of the enhanced water coverage on the coil and because efficient heat removal led to the reduced pressure, pump size and load. In addition, features such as external switches and spacious internal area to service drift eliminators, coils, and mechanical equipment were needed. The lower pressured refrigerants should lead to longer coil life and an enhanced customer satisfaction.

The other recent installation was in a saw mill in Virginia. The biggest issue in the mill is varying steam demand. The mill decided to use the excess steam to generate electricity and to reduce their utility cost. The project engineer specified the CXV condensers because of efficiency, added capacity and elimination of the cooling tower, which was required by the specifications.