If you are in need of a little fun, Big Ass Fans' website is a place to drop in for a chuckle. Apropos of its name, the Lexington, Ky., fan manufacturer has a foam Fanny - a small version of its mascot - in need of dressing up. That is where you can come in.

Send an e-mail to fanny@bigassfans.com with "Dressed Up Fanny" as the subject line, and the company's "wardrobe mistress" will send you a free Fanny to deck out. When your Fanny is finished primping, take a photo of her and e-mail it back. Big Ass Fans will post your fancy Fanny image on its site and on its Facebook page for everyone to see.

To see Fanny modeling her outfits and read her stories, visit http://www.bigassfans.com/page/show-us-your-fanny.