Transcaer issues an update on the anhydrous ammonia training tour.

The Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response group, whose purpose is ammonia education, has released its latest free online publication at The issue contains an update on the Washington, D.C., group's anhydrous ammonia training tour, which plans visits to 27 states. The tour is considered the only national outreach effort focused on assisting communities in preparation for and response to possible hazardous materials spills.

Launched to educate and train officials in states across the country on emergency response to anhydrous ammonia incidents, the tour has held hands-on training workshops across the country.

A new website,, devotes itself to a comprehensive online anhydrous ammonia training program. Available materials include training videos; handbooks; PowerPoint presentations; instructor and student guides addressing emergency response, chemical properties, transports, nurse tanks and railcars; and promotional print materials such as posters and brochures. The “Emergency Response” section of the online training module reviews the following:
  • Real-life plume modeling to calculate air pollution concentrations.
  • Weather impact on ammonia releases.
  • Determining and protecting downwind threats.
  • Other environmental impacts and controls.
  • Containment options.
  All materials were developed by a team of seasoned experts from across various industries, Transcaer says.