Yesterday, a long-time friend emailed me a link to a blog he had started. He’s a doctor, now retired, and the focus is all health related. His blog came just after I had begun realizing how many such notifications I’ve been getting from industry, not just from bloggers who like to muse about anything that catches their fancy.

Not all of the industry blogs I read are practical and helpful, but many are. And sure, the bloggers are touting their companies, but there’s some really good in formation there. So, after protecting myself from junk by first checking them out, I’ve signed up for some.

One of the really good blogs is from ITT, the “water people,” called ITT H2O Pros, and it’s now a year old. There aren’t any philosophical ramblings on this blog. You’ll find lots of solid case histories archived, and many that are simply based on a random topic stemming, for example, from a water-cooler discussion two colleagues might have been having in the office.

The blogs are prepared by experts at the company who are immersed in the treatment of water on a daily basis. They face tough issues with their clients every day. Lots of what they learn is being passed on to us.

Take a look for yourself, because if you rely on a cooling tower in your process, you could find some time-saving ideas or problem-solving advice regarding your tower water. Here’s the link:

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The Internet is filled with information, but it can be hard to find those sources that are immediately valuable. If you write or read a good blog or other online column, share it with our community and we can all benefit.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher,