Alfa Laval has been named “World’s Greatest Separation, Heat Transfer and Fluid Handling Company” by the producers of the “World’s Greatest!...” television show.

The show will include interviews with key customers and footage filmed on-site with Carnival Cruise Lines, Encina Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ingram Barge Co., Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida and, of course, Alfa Laval, which is headquartered in Lund, Sweden.

How 2 Media selected Alfa Laval to be a part of its popular television series. “Alfa Laval is exactly the type of company that we like to feature on ‘World’s Greatest!...’. They are an innovative, worldwide company with separation, heat transfer and fluid handling products and solutions that are used in areas of vital importance for humanity, such as food and water supply, energy production, process optimization, environmental sustainability, and more. They have a valuable story to tell,” says Gordon Freeman, executive producer of the show.

The segment will air on ION network on September 22, September 28 and October 10 (check listings for local time). To find out the channel in your area, visit The segment will also be posted on Alfa Laval's web site after October 10, 2011.