Each component of Los Angeles-based Sionix Corp.'s mobile water treatment system will be tested individually to assure proper pressures, flows and volumes. Sionix recently re-conditioned a previously constructed mobile system, which it will use for the tests.

Using a patented dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology packaged in a mobile shipping container, air bubbles between the size of 1 and 2µ are injected to float organic contaminants to the surface, where 99.95 percent of them are skimmed off, the company says. A majority of inorganic contaminants also are captured and removed.

Sionix compares its system to standard DAF units, which it says historically have been limited to bubble sizes of 50µ or larger. Bubble size is important because the smaller the bubble, the greater the surface tension and the greater the electrical charge, which means the bubbles hold together longer and elevate more organic contaminants to the surface for removal.