A soft drink manufacturer in the Philippines that is building a multi-million dollar bottling plant plans to install a biological system to treat its wastewater.

Beverage manufacturing is governed by batch processing and involves a number of intermittent flows during the course of a day. With Siemens Water Technologies' Omniflo modular sequencing batch reactor for the Philippine bottling plant, the soft drink maker will have the flexibility to add further beverage products to its portfolio without a major change in its wastewater treatment philosophy, according to Siemens, Warrendale, Pa.

The Omniflo SBR system reduces chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand. Designed to treat more than 1,000 m3/day, the system uses the Siemens Vari-Cant jet aeration system. On-demand design allows the jet aeration to be used only when needed for the particular batch of wastewater generated, potentially reducing power consumption.

The system is designed for modular expansion, including the ability to recycle parts of the flow for alternate uses. It includes a nutrient-removal provision to assist the customer in meeting future anticipated stringent wastewater-discharge regulations in the Philippines.