EnWave Corp., Vancouver, B.C., has begun testing materials on the continuous pilot-scale version of its powderREV dehydration system that it is developing in collaboration with Danisco AS, Copenhagen, a producer of probiotics and food cultures.

The system is designed to dehydrate a continuous stream of frozen biomaterials at higher speed and lower cost than tray freeze drying.

"We are very excited to begin testing this scaled-up version," says Tim Durance, EnWave chairman and co-CEO. "This new technology for the processing sector…introduce[s] radiant energy vacuum as a new standard for high quality bulk powder drying."

The partnership is for a commercial-scale radiant energy vacuum - the REV portion of the technology’s name - dehydration process. Now at the continuous pilot-scale stage, EnWave plans to complete internal testing on the technology prior to conducting a full validation with Danisco’s scientists and engineers. If the validation is successful, EnWave plans to ship the equipment to a Danisco pilot facility for final evaluation.