At one of the biggest DuPont production plants in Europe, the company was able to significantly improve water conservation. As a result, GE has awarded DuPont an ecomagination Leadership Award for its reductions in water consumption, chemicals and waste using GE technology. This is the second time DuPont’s Dordrecht facility in the Netherlands has received the award from the Trevose, Pa., water technology company.

The successful collaboration began with a comprehensive water management assessment. GE identified ways DuPont’s Dordrecht plant could decrease the plant’s water footprint by improving efficiency at the site’s cooling tower. By implementing a water treatment program that included GE's GenGard chemistry and a dosing system, GE reduced chloride concentration in the intake cooling water, almost doubling overall system efficiency. This increase in efficiency allowed the plant to reduce fresh water intake by approximately 3.2 million ft3(91,000 m3) per year, achieving a 20 percent reduction in water usage in the cooling water.