The 30th annual four-day cryogenic engineering short course is scheduled for August 1-4.

The 30th annual four-day cryogenic engineering short course, scheduled for August 1-4, will be held at the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden, Colo. The course, which is endorsed by Dr. Thomas Flynn and taught by David-John Roth, chief engineer of Redstone Aerospace, is intended for engineers from all backgrounds who are - or will be - working in cryogenics. In addition, the course will benefit analysts who do design work on cryogenic systems; technicians and test engineers who handle cryogens, build hardware and conduct tests; and managers and administrators who need a solid overview of cryogenics.

Course objectives include:
  • To build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of cryogenics.

  • To encourage a hands-on approach to solving cryogenic problems.

  • To define and demonstrate what is different at low temperatures.

  • To show how to work safely and productively with cryogenics.
Each student receives a copy of Cryogenic Engineering, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Flynn, course notes and a copy of the slide used in the lectures. The course fee of $3,750 per student includes refreshment breaks daily. To learn more, send and e-mail to