As a part of its “See the Big Picture” contest, Hach Co., Loveland, Colo., plans to award $140,000 worth of its analytical equipment to three winners. To enter the contest, U.S.-based industrial sites treating wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment plants must submit a video or PowerPoint presentation by August 31.

The contest is designed to help municipal plants and industrial sites understand the benefits of increasing nutrient monitoring. More frequent monitoring will help plants “See the Big Picture” of their operations, thereby decreasing chemical and energy costs while helping address one of the most sensitive environmental issues in wastewater treatment. Currently, according to Hach, most plants only do required nutrient monitoring, so they are unable to adjust chemical dosing or aeration to the specific changes occurring in real-time.

Two grand prizes - $50,000 of Hach equipment for each market, industrial and municipal - will be awarded. In addition, the fan favorite winner will receive $40,000 of Hach equipment. The grand prize and runner-up recipients will be announced at Weftec 2011, in Los Angeles on October 18. The Fan Favorite recipient will be announced on November 15.

Last year's winning videos are posted on the company’s website to provide inspiration to prospective contest entrants. All entries must be submitted at by August 31.