Figure 1. Nutmeg ground on PolarFit ultra-fine grinding system

A combination of size reduction mechanisms - impact, attrition and particle-particle collision - help achieve much smaller particle sizes than other mills.

The PolarFit ultra-fine grinding mill generates consistent yields of particles between 45 and 250 µm (60 and 325 mesh) and particles as small as 10 µm in some cases. Test results using this mill illustrate how a single system can be used across industries.

Figure 1 presents the single-pass particle size results for processing nutmeg in an ultra-fine grinding mill. The results indicate that most particles largely fall below 100 µm.

Figure 2:.Various thermoplastics ground on PolarFit ultra-fine grinding system

Figure 2 presents the same single-pass type results for processing various thermoplastics. In a single-pass test, the material is processed by the pulverizer, and all the resultant particles are collected and analyzed. Particle size classification equipment such as a screener is not used to classify the particles by size, and it recycles the over-size materials to the feed.

This type of test provides insight into the grinding mill’s size reduction capabilities.