Two more U.S. patents have been awarded to Timothy Keister, CWT, FAIC, who is the chief chemist at ProChemTech International Inc., Brockway, Pa.
  • "Flow Through Graphite Electrode and Containerless Cell" discloses the material and method of manufacture for electrolytic bromine generator cells as used in the ElectroBrom, MiniBrom, and SSBrom units manufactured by ProChemTech for controlling micro-organism growth in cooling tower water. Electrolytic bromine is a green technology in that no hazardous or toxic chemicals are used in the process, and the electrolytic bromine, when used at 0.5 to 1.0 mg/l in the cooling water, degrades after use to harmless bromide ion as found in seawater at 65 mg/l.

  • "Colorant Tracer for Cooling Water Formulations" discloses the colorant, formulations and method of use for a colorant tracer to control cooling water treatment product dosage. The technology, marketed as BlueTrace manual control testing and BlueTrak automatic online control, uses spectrophotometers at 620 nm to measure the concentration of colorant in the treated water.
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