We should always have something to look forward to but not just in our personal lives. There are business moments also that are pleasant to anticipate. In my case, once a year we compile Process Cooling’s Buyers Guide, which takes much of the prior 12 months to pull together for publication, both in print and online.

The work starts months ahead of its June appearance. Multiple departments and all our staff members have a part to play. The reason so many hours are put into the June Buyers Guide is dual.
  • We need it be accurate so you know you can rely on it to find suppliers.
  • We need it to be complete so that you reach for it when you require products for your cooling operation.
There’s also a certain sense of satisfaction when the print issue lands on my desk, crisp and clean and not yet thumbed-through. It’s similar to the pleasure I got as a kid when I got a new Crayola 64-crayon pack. It was mine to crack open and explore.

I look forward to the appearance of the Buyers Guide because there’s a sense of a job well done - one that benefits our readers, which is our mission. Of course, there is the aspect that the intense preparation schedule has come to an end, and work life will settle down to a more manageable pace. But all of us on staff feel good about the final product, knowing that it provides our readers with an important service - and that kind of a goal is worth looking forward to each June.

And so, when you receive your Buyers Guide issue next month, please hold onto it for the next 12 months, or go to www.process-cooling.com/buyersguide when you’re in the market for water treatment services, cooling towers, fans, heat exchangers, chillers, refrigeration systems or just about any other product related to the cooling side of your operation. You’ll find the right supplier for your buying needs.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher, armela@bnpmedia.com