Protecting fin tube and coaxial coils from corrosion when exposed to severe environments often falls to specially-formulated coatings such as those offered by Bronz-Glow, St. Augustine, Fla.

The protective-coatings manufacturer makes multiple products, one of which is the Husky coil coat-dip in antique bronze. It is a rugged, abrasion-resistant finish with high tensile strength and flexibility, so it can expand and contract as the coil heats and cools. The coating protects in the entire pH range of 1.0 to 14.0. According to the company, the coating will not crack, chip or flake.B

ronz-Glow's dip-coating process ensures that the coil is completely immersed to provide 100 percent coverage. According to the company, one- and two-row coils with plate fins and fin density of 16 fpi or less can be effectively spray-coated. Coils with three or more rows in depth, or those with plate or enhanced fins at 17 fins/in or greater, are more difficult to assure total coverage.

Common applications are food processing facilities, sugar refineries, chemical plants, petroleum refineries, fossil fuel power plants and facilities in coastal regions. The coating resists salt air and water, acid rain, hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid, uric acid and other atmospheric chemicals.

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