Poultry processors looking for ways to improve productivity, increase product yield and lower costs while producing high-quality products can choose from multiple offerings in Allentown, Pa.,-based Air Products’ Freshline brand. The company offers a range of technology and equipment solutions for freezing, chilling, mixing, forming and more.

Freshline includes cryogenic food processing equipment that uses liquid nitrogen to rapidly chill, cool or freeze. The LIN-IS Freshline product, a specially designed liquid nitrogen injection solution, can be retrofitted to mixers, grinders and blenders for fast, repeatable cooling. It can be used to manage the temperature of minced or chopped proteins through controlled injection of liquid nitrogen into the product during mixing, which can reduce the difficulty of subsequent forming caused by machine-generated heat.

In addition, Air Products offers cryogenic freezers that use liquid nitrogen. For more information, go to www.airproducts.com.