Emerson Climate Technologies Inc., Sidney, Ohio, and other affiliated Emerson businesses have installed more than 200,000 Copeland Scroll digital compressors used within the global refrigerated container industry. Emerson shipped its first such unit for refrigerated seagoing containers in 2002 and now builds the compressors in Sidney and in Rayong, Thailand.

A decade ago, less than 5 percent of refrigerated container users employed scroll compressors, but today Emerson puts that number at more than 50 percent.

“Transport refrigeration requires a high level of system performance in some of the most demanding environments imaginable,” says Jim Mozer, vice president/general manager of Emerson's Refrigeration Marketing and Integrated Products section.

Emerson says the Copeland Scroll technology delivers precise temperature and humidity control, providing users the ability to maintain box temperatures to within ±0.5°F (±0.3°C). Tight control is particularly critical for perishable products such as seafood, fruits and vegetables, which travel in seagoing containers on vessels through harsh weather conditions. Tight climate control helps protect quality.

View a video of the compressors in transportation use at http://tinyurl.com/bno6txb.