A South Korean chicken breeder and processor now relies on Munters, with U.S. headquarters in Amesbury, Mass., to keep its air quality under control.

Munters supplied a fully automated climate control system to one of the new farms of broiler giant Halim Co Ltd. in Jinan, which employs a complete integration system comprising farming, processing and marketing of its products. Halim operates about 600 broiler farms, each with a capacity of 40,000 to 50,000 birds per flock, and 60 breeding farms.

Performance data showed that with the Munters system, the new farm outperforms the average Halim farm containing other brand equipment. According to Halim, the average bird weight has increased by 11 percent in the Munters plant and the feed conversion ratio improved from 1.66 to 1.57. The selling price per bird increased by 32 percent, which yields a significant increase in revenue for Halim. Due to the building's improved air quality, less money is spent on medicine for the bird population and the production index has risen by 24 percent.

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