Now a $3.2 billion standalone water technology company, Xylem Inc., White Plains, N.Y., handles multiple product brands for water treatment, testing and efficient use.

Spun off from ITT Corp., also in White Plains, Xylem serves water users in industrial, public utility, building services and agricultural settings. Xylem's products and services address the full cycle of water. Its brands include Bell and Gossett, Flojet, Flygt, Godwin, Goulds Water Technologies, WTW and YSI, among others.

The company serves customers in more than 150 countries to address critical water issues such as growing water scarcity, aging infrastructure, more stringent environmental regulations and the equipment needed to meet those issues.

“I’m extremely proud to announce the launch of a unique company, the product of more than 100 years of experience in the water business and the collective work and expertise of our nearly 12,000 employees and our strategic partners around the world,” says Gretchen McClain, Xylem's president and CEO.

The name Xylem comes from classical Greek meaning the tissue that transports water in plants. Get more information about the company at