There's a fan for just about any application at Cincinnati Fan, and its website describes fan designs and the applications they're suited for. Cincinnati Fan, headquartered in Mason, Ohio, offers insight into fan selection and provides information about the fans it provides to industry. For instance, if your application is:
  • Exhausting, whether fumes from a paint spray booth or vapors from ovens or washing tunnels, look at spark-resistant cast aluminum props, which are a standard feature on some tubeaxial fans.
  • General air movement, consider heavy-duty propeller fans, personnel coolers and air circulators to provide general ventilation or spot cooling.
  • Conveying material, blowers are designed that can convey product within a duct or piping system. Some models also are efficient at conveying material located on the clean side of a dust collector.
  • Heating, consider plug fans designed to circulate air in ovens, eliminating cold spots. Some fans can be used in airstream temperatures up to 800°F (427°C).
  • Dust collection, consider whether a two-stage filtration and self-cleaning unit with spark-resistant, cast aluminum wheels is appropriate.
  • Fume exhaust, remember that some fan designs will remove noxious fumes from work areas or will supply fresh air to ventilate rooms, tanks and manholes.
Many models come in stainless steel or all aluminum construction for corrosive environments. To learn more from Cincinnati Fan, visit