The Freshline QS tunnel freezer from Air Products, Allentown, Pa., can be used to cryogenically freeze or chill foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pasta, dairy products, baked goods and prepared meals. The freezer is designed for small-volume food processors and startups that want to quickly begin freezing a high quality product with minimal upfront cost. The QS unit also is suited for food processors that want to convert to continuous freezing, alleviate a bottleneck in their operation, or grow and diversify their existing product line.

“The new freezer makes cryogenic freezing a more practical option for smaller-volume food processors,” says Emma Guthrie, food technology expert at Air Products. She notes that with the freezer, in-process or continuous freezing can be integrated quickly into a food production line, enabling manufacturers to free-up walk-in freezer storage space by converting their process to a freeze-to-order operation.

Air Products’ cryogenic freezers use liquid nitrogen to achieve temperature reduction, freezing food within minutes, the company says. The quick-freeze option can help the processor achieve a higher yield and enhance product quality. Rapid food-product freezing means smaller ice-crystal formation, which helps to protect product integrity. It also helps the product to retain moisture, which improves texture, color and flavor and reduces weight loss from dehydration.