Alfa Laval Group, Lund, Sweden, has restructured the company from two selling divisions to three. The existing Process Technology and Equipment divisions remain, and the company added the Marine & Diesel Division as its third segment.

“Alfa Laval has almost doubled in size since the present organizational structure was set up 10 years ago,” says Lars Renström, Alfa Laval Group's president and CEO. “By combining the recently acquired Aalborg Industries with Alfa Laval’s segment Marine & Diesel, we are forming a division focusing on the marine and diesel markets with stable growth and good profitability.”

Renström says that an important business driver is the improved living standards in the world’s fast-growing countries, five of which are Alfa Laval’s top 10 markets. These countries support increased focus on expanding both the product range and supply chain capacity in those areas, he says.

Several years ago, Alfa Laval introduced its multi-brand strategy under which acquired companies continue to operate in full competition with the Alfa Laval brand. The policy has led to a 12 percent increase in group sales compared to one percent five years ago, Renström says. Alfa Laval's products focus on heat transfer, separation and fluid handling to heat, cool, separate and transport products in multiple industries.