Since the 1980s when it began making coils made for the U.S. Navy, Colmac Coil, Colville, Wash., has complied with the Buy American Act.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the Buy American Act was enacted in 1933 in an effort to promote domestic preferences for government purchases. As an incentive, the act provides funding for projects that comply.

The act defines what qualifies as American products based on articles, supplies and materials. Under the act, all products must be produced in the United States, and manufactured items must be manufactured in the United States from U.S. materials.

For companies also seeking comply with the Buy American Act, Colmac can manufacture custom products that comply with the legislation at its two manufacturing facilities, in Colville and in Paxton, Ill., says Jeremy Olberding, Colmac’s sales manager.

For Colmac Coil, this means that the cost of the U.S. components manufactured must exceed 50 percent of the cost of all components of the product, and the product must be manufactured in the United States.

“We can comply with the Buy American Act. We have the ability to source our materials, articles and supplies through American supply chains,” says Randy Carstens, heat transfer products manager.