The constrained layer damping (CLD) heat shield product from the automotive products group of Lydall Inc., Manchester, Mass., has won the 2012 AluFoil Trophy in the Technical Innovation category.

"The European Aluminum Foil Association judges liked the simple, but effective use of aluminium to simultaneously provide heat shielding and reduce parasitic noise. The designer had to 'think outside the box' to come up with a solution and used aluminium [sic] foil to great effect, showing a great technical understanding of the material and its capabilities," says Antoinette Devine, head judge for this year's Alufoil Trophy and global packaging consultant for SABMiller.

The product was a result of a co-development project between Lüdenscheid, Packaging & Converting and Lydall's Applied Technology Group. The multilayer material consists of two thin layers of aluminum that are laminated together by a visco-elastic polymer. The highly reflective surfaces of the aluminum layers provide heat shielding at elevated temperatures. The visco-elastic layer serves to reduce the lumped thermal conductivity of the composite, enhancing its thermal performance, and effectively damps and dissipates vibration energy to eliminate parasitic noise. The vibration damping capacity of Lydall's CLD material has resulted in several German luxury car manufacturers to specify this material for current and future powertrain applications. The approach of adding acoustic functions to traditional thermal products is a growing trend in the global automotive industry.