A gas detection app for Apple mobile devices provides a general overview of gas and vapor measurement technology. Released by Draeger Safety Inc., Pittsburgh, the app includes the basic principles of the Draeger-Tubes and Chip Measurement Systems (CMS), portable gas monitors and sensors, including the relevant measurement parameters.

According to the company, the app provides immediate access to current information on its portable gas detection products within a lightweight, portable device that replaces bulky printed handbooks and catalogs. The app also includes an introduction to portable monitors, including electrochemical, catalytic and infrared sensor technology.

By instantly providing the most current information in a portable electronic device, the app helps improve safety and efficiency in environments where it is necessary to monitor for toxic gases. However, the company notes that Apple products, including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, do not have Intrinsic Safety (IS) approval and are not to be used in areas requiring IS approval.

To learn more or to download the app to an Apple mobile device, visit Apple’s App Store and search for “Draeger Gas Detection.”