At NPE 2012 in Orlando, Air Products, Allentown, Pa., highlighted its PolarFit cryogenic solutions for process cooling, grinding, deflashing and inerting applications. The firm’s gas-based technologies and process-improvement solutions help manufacturers maximize production rates, minimize costs, and improve product quality, safety and efficiency, according to the company.

PolarFit reduces hard-to-grind materials to smaller-size particles using a combination of size reduction mechanisms - including impact, attrition and particle-particle collision - to generate consistent yields of particles between 45 and 240 µm, and in some cases as small as 10 µm.

Through efficient use of liquid nitrogen to remove heat from the grinding process, according to Air Products, the mill provides ultra-fine to coarse particle sizes, more uniform particle distribution, higher yields of particles in the target range, improved product quality due to minimal or no heat damage, less recycling and lower production costs.

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