At Lydall Affinity, our business is designing and manufacturing chillers and heat exchangers for industrial applications. We have shipped over 30,000 thermal solutions ranging from straightforward standard systems to state-of-the-art complex super chillers. Lydall Affinity products combine industry leading thermal expertise with proven components for performance you can count on. We support our products and customers 24/7 through our worldwide support organization.

The company’s off-the-shelf solutions can deliver:
  • Air or water heat rejection.

  • -85°C (-121°F) to +200°C (392°F) process setpoint.

  • 1 KW to 300 KW cooling capacity (custom solutions at higher levels).

  • Multiple pump options.

  • Variety of process fluids supported.

  • Copper or stainless steel wetted materials.

  • MET, CE, SEMI S2 and RoHS compliance.

  • Industry standard communications interfaces with PC-based user interface (optional).
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