Dwyer Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its new low cost line of current switches and transducers. The new Series CCS and Series CCT offer both split and solid core models with integral mounting ears. Current switches are available with fixed or adjustable setpoints as low as 0.5 A. Current transducers are available with field selectable ranges up to 200 A. All models come standard with LED status indication.


Current Switches are commonly used to monitor the operating status of pumps and fans. In the past, it was common to use pressure switches for these applications. Pressure switches required that the water line be tapped which causes additional labor to be required upon initial set up. If a pressure switch were to fail, the water line would have to be drained in order to remove the failed unit and replace it. On the other hand, current switches measure the current that feeds the VFD or pump and signals based on the current draw of the equipment. Solid Core units which are lower cost are used on initial installations since they can be installed before the power lines are connected to the device. For replacement applications, split core units can snap onto the line with out disconnecting the line. By not being intrusive to the water line and not having any mechanical moving parts, the current switches are lower cost to install and last longer.

Current Transducers can be used to monitor the energy consumed by a chiller or other piece of equipment. When used in conjunction with the input voltage on each electrical input phase of the chiller, current transducers can be used to determine the phase angle, power factor, and a variety of other parameters. By tracking the electrical loads, operators can stagger when certain pieces of equipment are used so that their peak power usages stay within lower utility rates.

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