before treatment

By Tom Worley, Operations Manager, Chem-Aqua Services

A clean cooling tower plays an important role in energy efficient plant operation. Fouled tower fill, air inlet louvers, and spray nozzles reduce heat transfer and require fans to operate longer to cool the condenser water. Accumulated tower debris delivered to a chiller or heat exchanger further contributes to fouling and efficiency losses. In evaporative condenser towers, clogged strainers and spray nozzles directly contribute to energy-robbing deposits on condenser tubes. Routine cooling tower cleaning is an important, cost-effective preventative maintenance practice.

after treatment

An effective cooling tower cleaning protocol involves:
  • Chlorination to achieve an effective residual.

  • Cleaning spray nozzles and orifices.

  • Application of a cleaner to remove louver and fill deposits.

  • Washing down tower surfaces and basin with a high pressure washer.

  • Vacuuming the tower sump.

  • Proper disposal of debris.

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