VAF Filtration Systems provides a complete line of Cooling Tower Filtration systems, skid mounted with or without pumps. Specializing in 100% removal of specified “organic or inorganic” participate, compared to only 98% efficiency with antiquated “separator” technology. Unlike separators, the VAF V-Series automatic self-cleaning filter removes particulate with a single pass. This not only provides a much higher pump & power efficiency, but maintains a higher quality of basin water clarity and thus improves the longevity of the cooling system’s chemigation. The VAF “Turbulator” agitation system keeps particulate suspended whereby the basin water can be circulated through a V-Series filter to eliminate particulate.

Implementing a 100% efficient side stream filtration system into a cooling tower system can reduce chemical consumption as well as “blow-down” frequency by as much as 80%. This typically equates to an ROI of less than a year, when chemicals, makeup water and excess sewer charges are calculated.

V-Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filters

These filters feature a patented state-of-the-art bidirectional drive mechanism that improves screen-cleaning efficiencies resulting in:
  • 100% screen cleaning with controlled suction nozzle rotation.

  • Flush waste less than 1% of total volume.

  • 70% fewer moving parts - less maintenance.

  • Competitive prices against carbon steel filters.

  • Individual flow rates from 20 gpm (4.5 m3/hr) to 5,600 gpm (1,272 m3/hr).

  • Filtration 10 to 1500 micron.


*In 2016, VAF Valve and Vilter, Arvada, Colo., was acquired by Evoqua. Learn more about VAF at