Pump manufacturer Rain for Rent, Bakersfield, Calif., has a sharp salesperson.

While discussing the company's Power Prime pump with a national contractor for cured-in-place pipe installations, the contractor mentioned that his company had received a contract for a treatment plant handling all waste for the greater Memphis area – and the plant's aging infrastructure was scheduled for relining plus a 120 MGD bypass.

The 108" sewer line rehabilitation project was one of the largest-diameter CIPP installations in the United States. The contractor already had a quote from another pump company for the turnkey bypass project but asked Rain for Rent for a quote as well.

High flow and high lifts required a large excavation to stage the pumps, and the efficiency of the Rain for Rent DV-400 16" Power Prime pumps created the winning advantage. Using the larger pumps meant fewer pumps and lower fuel costs for the customer.

Installation included two sets of six pumps, 7,000' of 24" HDPE pipe complete with fittings and magnetic flow meters. Rain for Rent personnel manned the project and monitored the flows continuously.