Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort is just one of the sites that the district-cooling network that receives chilled water that is powered and controlled through an ABB system.

Often referred to as a multi-billion dollar city within a city, Singapore's Marina Bay is an 890-acre extension to the city's existing business district and downtown area. Built on reclaimed land at the southern tip of the island-state, Marina Bay, with its distinctive signature skyline, has become the city’s new business, commercial and entertainment hub.

During the 1990s when the project was initiated, district cooling was quickly identified as the energy-efficient and cost-effective method to provide buildings in the area with an optimal indoor climate. Singapore has a hot and humid equatorial climate in which daytime temperatures are rarely below 86°F (30°C).

To date, the first two phases of the district-cooling system are in operation, providing 11.8 million ft2of accommodation with cool air via two chilled-water production plants and a piping network of 3.1 miles.

Zurich-based ABB is providing a complete electrical, control and instrumentation system to Singapore District Cooling Pte. Ltd., which owns and operates two chilled-water production plants and intake stations that are the interface between the district-cooling system and the buildings.

ABB’s system includes the System 800xA, which monitors and controls the intake station network and provides operators with the real-time status of network and equipment performance. The control system for the district-cooling plants and the distribution network includes approximately 45 controllers, about 6,000 I/Os, 10 operator workplaces, three engineering stations and three information-management servers.