As part of an upgrade at its plant, the Milchhof Vipiteno dairy at Vipiteno in South Tyrol, Italy, has fitted out its yogurt production system and stockroom with Lowara pumps. For many dairy plants, Lowara pumps play a role in the production of ice for cooling milk.

The dairy cooperative is one of the oldest in South Tyrol and a leading supplier on the Italian yogurt market. Every day, the company processes 34,342 gal of milk, 80 percent of which is made into yogurt, butter, milk, cream and cheese, while 20 percent leaves the dairy as fresh milk.

To manage the daily delivery of milk from about 470 dairy farmers, the South Tyroleans have invested in a new ice-production plant for cooling milk at time of delivery and then, after pasteurization, cooling it again and keeping it chilled until the next process.

Because the energy consumption by a milk processing company reaches its peak in the summer months due to the greater demand for milk and the higher outdoor temperatures. More cold is required to cool more milk. At Milchhof Vipiteno, due to the thermal storage capacity of the ice water system, the dairy can take advantage of lower overnight rates and reduce electric energy consumption during the day, when the energy rates are higher. In managing the system, the South Tyrol dairies can benefit further by using frequency-controlled pumps made by ITT Lowara of Grossostheim, Germany. The SHS 50-160/55 pumps have a cold conductor and Hydrovar control device to convey the ice from the respective storage tank into seven consumer circuits. The dairy now achieves additional electric savings of as much as 70 percent during pump operation.