The Contrafast concentric system from Siemens combines the treatment process in a single tank.
Photo courtesy Siemens AG.

Power plants need a consistent, reliable source of water for cooling tower makeup water. In many cases, the makeup water must be treated for suspended-solids reduction and hardness reduction. With properly treated water, the potential for tower scaling drops significantly, which reduces cooling circuit cleaning requirements, extends the life of the cooling equipment and reduces tower blowdown flow to the environment.

To meet its requirements, a power plant in Surat, district Gujarat, India, has ordered a water treatment system from Siemens Water Technologies, Singapore. The Contrafast concentric system uses a high-rate clarification and thickening process that consists of a solids-contact reaction chamber, clarifier with tube settler and gravity thickener in a single tank. The entire process is contained in one unitized steel basin. A smaller footprint means up 80 percent less space is used compared to conventional clarification systems, and the process effectively accomplishes suspended solids’ removal, lime softening and heavy metals removal, Siemens says.

Siemens Water Technologies in India will engineer and source the system hardware with design review and on-site technical services provided by Siemens Water Technologies in Ames, Iowa.