Developed and patented in the Netherlands by Mr. Jan P. deBaat Doelman, Scalewatcher technology was introduced to the European market in the 1980s.  With immediate market success, Mr. Doelman brought the technology to the United States and applied and received a patent in 1991.  From that moment on, Scalewatcher North America has been on the forefront of environmentally-sensitive water treatment.  Located in Oxford, Pennsylvania, Scalewatcher North America continues to lead the industry in descaling products that do no harm to the environment.

Scalewatcher North America focuses on the elimination of scale and the problems associated with scale build up.  Industries know the costs involved in keeping their capital investments running smooth.  Scalewatcher is there to help.  Scaled cooling towers, chillers and associated equipment can negatively impact a company’s bottom line, and not just in cash.  The caustic chemicals used to remove scale only create more problems with the environment.  Your company can “GO GREEN” and stay within your budget.

If your product does not work for your application, we will buy it back!  With our “Performance Guarantee,” you never have to worry about losing cash on a product that does not work.

Scalewatcher North America