A single web address for Tecumseh Products Co., Ann Arbor, Mich., now provides regional content in multiple languages, including English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

The redesigned website for the maker of compressors and condensers lets users:
  • Conduct a \ product search by model or bill of material.
  • Search using attributes such as voltage, refrigerant or application.
  • Download or print information such as product data, technical publications and brochures.
  • Access global supplier information including compliance declarations, purchasing terms and conditions, and Tecumseh’s supplier manual.
  • Search for local wholesale distributors.
  • Link to an investor relations site to access and print SEC filings, annual reports, corporate governance documents and real-time stock information.
“As recently as 2010, Tecumseh was operating more than a dozen individual websites around the world,” says Michael Smith, global manager of marketing communications and branding. “We now have one consistent information storefront globally and a dedicated team of marketing and communications professionals to deliver appropriate global and regional content to our audiences around the world.”

The new site contains global content that all users will see, but it is oriented to each user’s IP address by locator software to provide appropriate regional content, including specific products and services available to them in their country. Users can also select the appropriate regional language, while English is available to all users regardless of global location.