Alfa Laval, Lund, Sweden, has won an order to supply an evaporation system to Amsterdam-based Akzo Nobel’s chemical plant in Germany.

The nearly $8.7 million order, scheduled for 2013 delivery, includes an evaporation system that will concentrate caustic soda using evaporation and condensation heat exchangers. By combining the advantages of different types of heat exchangers, the Alfa Laval system can concentrate caustic soda in a four-effect evaporation system. Alfa Laval estimates energy savings at 25 percent, compared to more traditional system designs

“One of our strengths is our wide range of heat exchangers and application knowledge covering different needs from various industries,” says Lars Renström, Alfa Laval Group president and CEO.

Caustic soda needs to be concentrated from 32 to 50 percent, and then it can be used as a chemical base in the manufacture of soaps, detergents, pulp and paper, textiles and drinking water.