Our annual Cooling Capabilities bullet chart on water treatment services is in this issue, but did you know it also appears on our website? In fact, every one of our five Cooling Capabilities charts during the year is also online, where you can do advanced searches.

Take this issue’s water treatment chart, for example. While keeping the print version on-hand is easy for a quick reference, going online also is easy, and many companies have links to their websites for more information.

Just now, I went online myself to explore Process Cooling’s updated searchable database of water treatment suppliers. In just a few moments, I figured out the system. I admit it went a lot faster once I read the brief instructions in the lower left-hand corner explaining how to search for multiple specifications all at one time.

I arbitrarily checked off several items, and found myself asking for companies that provided certain inspection, monitoring and consulting services. After a few clicks, up popped one company that handled everything I requested. After that success, I cleared my search and tried by a single criterion: System Audit. Voila, 13 company names appeared. Clicking on any company name that shows up in response to a query gives the name, address, phone, fax, web address, and the services provided.

During the year, these bullet charts and their corresponding searchable online electronic versions appear for your benefit. They are as follows:
  • March, heat exchangers.
  • May, chiller systems.
  • July/August, water treatment services.
  • September, heat transfer fluids and process coolants.
  • October, portable chillers.
You can go directly to the online page that lists all the above charts with http://tinyurl.com/7jylavl.

And finally, remember to say “Process Cooling sent me” when you contact a supplier you found either on our print or online pages.

Anne Armel, Group Publisher, armela@bnpmedia.com